In this book, Jonathan Kingsman looks at the history of nine commodity crops and interviews the merchants and traders who manage their journey to your kitchen. He writes of the challenges in their daily jobs and the significant trends that will shape their futures.  In particular, he focuses on the opportunities traders face as we decarbonise our agricultural supply systems.

This book is aimed at anyone wanting to learn more about agricultural commodity trading and the food supply chain. It contains interviews with some of the world’s top traders and a contribution from the University of Erasmus.

Commodity Crops & The Merchants Who Trade Them is available now on Amazon


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At this week’s G7 meeting, the world’s wealthiest nations committed $5 billion to fight global hunger. Activists said that the sum falls short of what is needed, with millions of people on the brink of starvation. Germany and the UK pushed the G7 meeting for a temporary waiver on biofuel mandates, but the proposal didn’t …