The world will need to produce as much food in the next forty years as it did in the past 8,000 years. Moving that food to where it is needed will require a massive investment in logistics, in port and transport infrastructure, as well as in distribution, processing and packaging networks within countries. Governments will not make those investments. Instead the task will fall on the world’s commodity trading (merchandising) companies.

When most people think of agricultural commodity merchants, they imagine dubious characters manipulating markets and pushing up food prices. Few people understand what agricultural traders actually do, and how their markets function. This book is intended to at least partly correct that.

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AgriCensus Report

Brazil output of corn-based ethanol to hit 1.4bn litres in 2019: USDA Brazil’s production of corn-based ethanol will rise 75% this year as new capacity comes onstream and domestic demand surges as the country prepares to roll out its RenovaBio mandate program, the USDA said in a report late Monday. Most of Brazil’s ethanol production …